Sunday 30 April 2017

A Quilt for Remy

We have a new addition to our family. My nephew in Canada and his wife have a new daughter, Remy. What a perfect opportunity to design a unique gift! After some time playing around with ideas I thought I'd combine the Welsh and Canadian flags.
At least I know what all of this means...

My saving grace was that I didn't have to draw the dragon. My son, Michael, very kindly allowed me to use his drawing that he gifted as a papercut to his friend's son.
I love the expression on his face
I am slightly disappointed that the finished quilt will be square but any other layout looked odd; maybe it's to do with the mathematics, who knows? But hopefully it will look like this :)

I have been practising with techniques, needle turn appliqué is a favourite of mine but difficult to perfect.

This is going to take some time but the end result will be worth it I think.
Practice maple leaf #1

Practice maple leaf #2

Practice maple leaf #3

Practice maple leaf #4

However... being the indecisive person that I am maybe I should try a different technique - just to be sure.
Fusible appliqué
Using fusible web and machine blanket stitch made the whole process quicker, but the results are disappointing. If you look closely at the stem, there are escaped threads! How will this withstand multiple washes?

I have decided to go with the needle turn appliqué. It will take longer, but I'll be happier with the result. Hopefully.


  1. I think you're a bit too hard on yourself. But the comments you've written on your practice leaves gave me a little chuckle. Definitely the types of things I think to myself when I'm working on a project but have never thought of putting in writing. However, your finished design looks absolutely stunning. That will be a true keepsake and heirloom when you're done. You are very creative.

  2. I thought that by commenting on the practice leaves that it would limit the things I didn't like but it seems that each one had something on it I didn't approve of, but it did make me more aware as I was sewing each one.I think I could have gone on forever making practice blocks, time to just get on with it. Thank you for your lovely comment I just hope the finished quilt looks at least something like the design :/