Tuesday 7 November 2017

I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along Block 10

Here we are block 10 already. We're on the home straight now!

This is a block I designed, its a Christmas Lantern.You can get the pattern here.

 It is a pieced and appliqued block, with a template pattern.

 So supplies at the ready

  • pattern
  • scissors
  • pins
  • fabric of choice
  • pencil for tracing applique pattern pieces
  • ruler for squaring up finished block
  • fusable web, such as Bondaweb for applique

Cut the pattern pieces noting that the broken lines denote the seam allowance of 1/4" included where necessary.

There is one exception to this rule as follows:

For the background top and background bottom pieces, the fabric must be
folded and the edge of the pattern placed at the fold, as shown by the direction of the arrow. Just make sure you don't cut along the solid line at the edge!

This is what the pattern and fabric should look like before cutting.

This is because when the fabric is unfolded it runs the width of the block.

Cut out the pattern pieces along the broken line-where included or the solid line where there is no broken line.

Start by sewing together the lantern windows taking a 1/4" seam allowance, press open.

Sew the rows together making sure they are in order, top, middle and bottom left and right. This is important since the windows are shaped to fit the lantern.

Add on the top and bottom, then the sides of the lantern as per instructions, this middle section just needs the background pieces added left and right for completion.

Following the diagram included in the instructions, sew the lantern base to the background fabric.

Repeat for the lantern roof and background fabric, trimming the seams and pressing open.

When the three sections are complete, sew them together to make the block.

Trace the applique shapes onto the fusable web, making sure you trace on the paper side. Please note that all the pieces are already reversed.

This is so that when they are cut out and pressed onto the wrong side of the fabric, the paper backing can be removed and the pieces are ready to fuse straight onto the lantern.

I think a good tip at this point is to leave the lantern snow pieces labelled until you are ready to press them onto the background, it's surprising how they all look alike when the paper backing is removed!!!

Remove the paper backing by scoring through the paper in the middle of the piece, this avoids frayed edges when trying to separate the fabric from the paper.

Applique the edges of the shapes using your preferred method.

Finished block!

Here are the prizes for block 10:

Many thanks to The Warm Company for 2 steam-A-seam packages and also to Vanda from Quilt In Piece for a pattern from her collection!


  • Post your finished block on Instagram using the #iwishyouamerryqal
  • Link your blog post with your completed block to Cwilt linky party
The deadline for entries is Monday November 20th 2017 11:59 (EDT)

Loads of luck everyone!

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