Tuesday 29 August 2017

I wish you a merry quilt along block 3

Block 3!

This time it's Laura's design and what a cute design it is, with no introduction necessary. It's iconic and easily recognisable.

I selected the fabrics and decided that the red needed a pattern, snowflakes seemed perfect for this with Santa delivering on a snowy Christmas night.

 Fabric selected, although I would have liked a gold fabric for Santa's buckle, I don't have any in my stash!

I can't get past this pattern looking like its been printed off centre?! Although looking at the selvedge edge the print seems straight.

Laura's instructions are well written and the block goes together easily, not one seam unpicked or redone this time! 

I love this block, but not my fabric choices unfortunately.

Every time I look at it I see the fabric print off centre. I will probably do another block for the quilt and use this one elsewhere. Good solution.

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Prizes for this block are.

 The deadline for entries is Monday September 11th 11:59pm (EDT)

Lots of luck everyone!!



  1. I've had some fabric lately where it seems the pattern isn't straight. Super frustrating! I admit, I did cut one fabric at an angle so the design appeared the way I wanted it. I do really like the white buckle!